The Presentation Kit



Over the years, we’ve helped companies create award winning proposals and presentations from scratch.

Creating a well-designed presentation is time consuming, be it for proposals or showcases, from layout to structure. As such, having a design ready kit helps make your life easier and make better use of your time.

presentation kit
powerpoint and keynote

A well designed presentation creates an impression

Whether you’re just starting out or you would like to showcase your profile or company to a potential client, this kit is right for you.

What you get?


Design Ready Templates (PowerPoint and Keynote)

Real-Life template

presentations and proposals format we use


Editable infographics to beef up your slides


Drag and drop image / placeholder ready. Save your time

Who is this for?

You name it, a good presentation will always stand out no matter what you are or at what level you are at, even if you are just starting out or whatever company type you are.

presentation made easy