We craft designs to help brand and businesses speak visually.

We craft designs to help brand and businesses speak visually.

At BWS, we adopt a transdisciplinary approach to the things we do, allowing brands to interact with audiences across every touchpoint and enable them to be agile and future ready.

Since 2014, our journey has evolved from design projects to interdisciplinary work. we have worked with extensive range of clients from various industries including those from independent start-ups to established multi-national corporations.




We deep dive into your industry, its general business principles and product experience to pave the way for sharpening the edge. We make use of market data, user research and demographic norms to build the raison d’être.

We find or create new value to elevate the playing field.



We design you and expressions of it to deliver visual engagement, interaction and the brand promise. In all your touchpoints, we optimize UI/UX to cater to digital natives over their devices or at your premises.

We make your value crystal clear and quantifiable.



We bring your business to the final state by building your technology stack. We combine everything we learnt and derived into actionable insights and operational reality.

We build the machine that brings all your value to bear in the industry.


Web Design.

CRM Customisation.


Digital Marketing.

Graphic Design.


Video Production.

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